The Camp With The Champ Academy offers a specialized 3-day program designed for school children to learn the fundamentals of cricket from international players who have represented their country or state. This intensive training aims to provide kids with a unique opportunity to learn from the stars, ensuring they spend their time wisely and develop the right approach to the game.

This program is designed to provide an unforgettable experience for young cricketers, fostering their love for the game and setting them on a path to continuous improvement. By learning from cricket legends, kids gain valuable insights and inspiration, ensuring their development is both effective and enjoyable.


Program Highlights:

1. Intensive 3-Day Training: Children receive focused training over three days, learning basic cricket skills from international players.
2. International Mentors: Training sessions are led by former international players, providing a high level of expertise and inspiration.
3. Skill Development: Kids are introduced to essential cricket techniques, covering batting, bowling, fielding, and game awareness.
4. Encouraging Healthy Habits: The program aims to divert children from excessive screen time and guide them towards productive sports activities.
5. Long-Term Growth: After the 3-day program, children continue their training with local coaches, who help them work on their weaknesses and transform them into strengths.

Program Goals:

1. Game Awareness
2. Competitive Scenarios
3. Leadership Development
4. Individual Skill Enhancement for Batting and Bowling
5. Fielding Techniques
6. Strength and Conditioning with Ashish Borker
7. Self-Reflection Practices
8. Speed and Agility Drills
9. Endurance Building
10. Low-Impact Cardio
11. Bowler Rehabilitation Exercises
12. Recovery Strategies

13. Injury Prevention
14. Nutrition Guidance
15. Sports Psychology
16. Sessions on Anti-Corruption, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Doping
17. Centre Wicket Training
18. Comprehensive Reports on Matches and Training
19. Playing Competitive Cricket and Representing Various Clubs Globally
20. Completion of the Coaching Program at All Levels with Ajman Cricket Council for Elders
21. Videography of Each Participant
22. Signed Merchandise by Harbhajan Singh
23. Digital Certificate Signed by the Legendary Player

Program Structure:

  1. Overview of cricket basics
  2. Batting and bowling techniques
  3. Fielding drills
  4. Game awareness sessions
  1.    Skill refinement for batting and bowling
  2.    Field positioning and tactics
  3.    Strength and conditioning exercises
  4.    Interactive Q&A with international players
  1. Match simulations
  2. Performance analysis
  3. Personalized feedback
  4. Guidance on further practice with local coaches
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